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 caring for pregnant people in Portland and beyond
Your Care with Sacopee Midwives~
In order for folks to see if home birth is the right choice for them, we offer a free consult. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for our fees, however we do not bill insurance. It is up to you to file for reimbursement.  Outside lab work, birth control management, ultrasounds, herbal and homeopathic remedies, vitamins, new born metabolic screening  and physician consults are not included. We believe every family should be able to have a home birth if that is in their hearts. We will be creative with payment arrangements if discussed early in your pregnancy.  

Care we provide
Midwives provide hands on care, allowing birth to take its course and help you birth naturally, safely and confidently. Home birth is a wonderful choice for healthy low risk people who want to experience birthing their baby in a place where they feel free, safe and private. Choosing midwifery care leads to less medical interventions such as inductions, c-sections, episiotomies, vacuum suction, and forceps. Our main goal is a safe and sacred birth for both you and your baby. We consult with or refer to other health care providers when appropriate. We look forward to a rich and rewarding experience sharing this time with your family.
We like to see clients as early as possible in their pregnancy, so we may get to know each other well and have plenty of time to discuss the choices you and your family will make.  We consult with our team or refer to other health care providers when appropriate.  

You will have the opportunity to meet with Brenda, Lindsay and Acadia during your pregnancy. Our visits last about an hour so you will be able to get to know us well. We will answer questions you may have between visits promptly by email or phone and are available for emergencies. We visit with you during the prenatal period every month until 28 weeks then every 2 weeks till 37 weeks and every week till you birth.
We are on-call for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and will be in contact with you by phone as soon as you think labor may be starting.  During your labor and birth, your midwives will be there to support and encourage, make suggestions on position changes or things to facilitate the labor (for example; take a shower, a walk, eat some food, rest, dance, etc.), as well as monitoring the baby's heartbeat regularly with a hand-held device, and monitoring how mom is doing emotionally and physically.

When your baby is being born, you can be in whatever position you find most comfortable; on our birth stool, in the tub, on hands and knees, squatting, lying on your side, or even on your back (the least common position of choice!). Your baby will be guided to your hands.  These moments of falling in love with your baby, in your own home, with soft lights, little noise and a calm atmosphere are truly invaluable. We encourage breastfeeding within the first 30 minutes of birth, and will assist that process as needed.
After the birth, we stay to monitor you and your baby, do a complete newborn exam, clean up and make sure you are fed and comfortable before leaving approximately three hours after the birth. We leave you tucked in bed, as a family, ready to go to sleep, with a list of instructions on when to contact us and what to expect.

We are on call for you after your birth also.  We come to see your family at 1 or 2 days after your birth. The Newborn Metabolic Screening and Critical congenital heart disease screening is offered at the 24-48 hour visit.   A birth certificate will be filed with the state and social security card applied for.  We will come check in again with you at 7-10 days. We schedule a visit between two and four weeks and again at six to eight weeks after your birth. We check in on your babe's growth, breastfeeding, and your healing. We also discuss nutrition and birth control and offer well-women care. 

When choosing a midwife to attend your birth, you should read their Informed Choice carefully. Please interview all the available midwives and consider all the birth choices in your area to find the providers that have excellent training and experience and will meet your needs and expectations. Our references are available upon request. You can also join our Facebook page to chat with the hundreds of families that have used our services.  We take a limited number of clients every month and suggest that you call early for a free consult.  

Our Philosophy
We deeply believe in a person's ability to birth naturally. The body is designed with reproduction in mind and there is little flaw in its design. Birth is an experience like none other and it has an ability to be one of the most powerful and transformational. 
We believe that when families choose home birth it is a very conscious choice. We provide the people in greater Portland and eastern New Hampshire with the choice of home birth, and water birth whether they live in a tipi or yurt, apartment or house, rural or city-dweller.  
The midwife on call for the day can be reached by dialing 207~329~2111 at extension 0. 
Fax ~ 207-591-4767