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Farewell for Now from Robin

by Your Midwives on 11/09/17

Hello past and present (and future!) midwifery clients,

I am writing to share that I will be taking a break from midwifery practice starting in January, 2018.  I will be continuing teaching at Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgton, and will be taking on another position there as clinical director. In this role, I will be turning my midwifing to students as they become the next new midwives. With some work from home, and some from the school, I will be in contact with midwife-preceptors and students who are in clinical placements all around the US.  I will also continue to stay involved in the birthing world in Maine by being a MACPM representative to the state-wide Perinatal Leadership meetings led by Maine Assoc of Women’s Health and Neonatal Nurses.

After 13 years as a midwife, 10 of those in the Portland area, it is not easy to step away from this vibrant birthing community. I love our clients and the relationships I am honored to form and re-visit as families grow. Thank you for the privilege of being part of such an intimate and sacred time in your lives. It will be hard to not go to all of your subsequent births— maybe I’ll catch you on another baby in the future!

I plan to return to practice when my youngest son is in kindergarten— about 4 years from now. I appreciate your confidence and trust in me over the years and hope to continue to serve our community in the future. 

In the meantime, I wish you all empowered and peaceful birthing, in all the different ways that manifests itself!

With gratitude,

Robin Doolittle Illian

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1. Jeanie Illian said on 11/9/17 - 06:37PM
God be with you as you start this new journey. You are amazing and an inspiration to all. Sending you tons of love.
2. Orenda Hale said on 11/9/17 - 07:04PM
Robin- Enjoy this time with your family! I feel so fortunate to have had you there for both Luca and Lola. You will always hold such a special place in my heart. You are a wonder. Hope to run into you sometime around town. Much love to you!
3. rebecca goodwin said on 11/10/17 - 03:33AM
Many blessings in this next journey, still and always growing.
4. Becky said on 11/10/17 - 04:57AM
We love you! Thank you for all you've done for home birth, making it so amazing and life changing. You will be blessed for serving your family during this time. Hugs and love!
5. Stacie Archibald said on 11/10/17 - 05:54AM
Robin you were such a special part of Ian's birth 8 years ago. I'm glad to see you take a break for the pager. You're amazing! Congrats on your growing family.
6. Lara Schneider said on 11/10/17 - 09:35AM
Robin, proud of your courage and such a positive direction in your life! Now I am taking you out, pager free, for a much deserved glass of wine (or 2) and an over ight somewhere beyond the 1/2 hour radius! Love you sister.

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